When Vivian Cobb unexpectedly lost her husband to cancer, her dream life suddenly became a nightmare.

To add to her shock, grief and pain, she discovered that not only had she lost her life companion, she had lost a great deal more.

By embracing the emotions and challenges she faced, leaning into her grief, and using the obstacles she faced as learning opportunities, Vivian emerged with a unique take on what it means to live your best life.

3 Strategies to Overcome Emotional Overload Video Series

Vivian's Topics Include

Learning to Dream Through the Nightmare

When Vivian unexpectedly lost her husband to cancer, she found she had lost a great deal more than her life companion, in addition to having a blended family of six distressed children to emotionally care for.

Unbeknownst to her, the house was in foreclosure, there was no money in any of the bank accounts, and her once millionaire husband was financially ruined. Instead of cratering as a result of these overwhelming events, she embraced her emotions and challenges, leaned into her grief, and used the obstacles she faced as learning opportunities.

Her mission is to inspire others to find the same self-sufficiency and honest acceptance of life’s realities after the fantasy has fallen apart.

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Living Life Cage Free

Vivian has learned that from a very young age she has lived in a cage built by someone else.  It does not matter how gilded or spectacular that cage is, it is still confining and many of us are similarly imprisoned, whether we know it or not.  We may not be aware sometimes, or choose not to acknowledge it, but it is still there. 

Vivian has now been able to not only step to the very edge of the cage door, but spread her wings and live cage free.  She will share with you: how to recognize a cage, how to decide if you are in one, if you want out and how to fly free.

You Always Have Options

Vivian is the mother of three children, a daughter and two sons. She has watched all three of her children struggle in a fast paced, pressure filled, information overloaded world.

All through Middle School and High School, her youngest son, now 20 years old, has lost several friends to suicide, and has faced other friends’ suicide attempts. Teen suicide is pervasive – the increasing rate at which our children are killing themselves is alarming. Some go so far as to call it an epidemic.

Vivian’s own experiences and observations shape her mission of opening teenagers’ minds to the possibilities of “options.” Too often, children get caught up with the idea that they have no options – they develop tunnel vision. They feel trapped, afraid, hopeless, and the only way out seems to be getting high, numbing themselves, or ending their lives in a moment of true carelessness. 

As a parent, Vivian is passionate about encouraging children to embrace their emotions and remember their options.

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Forgiveness: Easy to Say, Hard To Do

Sometimes, truly forgiving someone who has wronged you can seem impossible. Vivian knows this better than anyone - but through her own struggles, she has learned that forgiveness is really a gift we give ourselves.  It may be a struggle, but it is so worthwhile to finally reach that place where the pain of an offence is released at last, and peace of mind is restored.

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3 Strategies to Overcome Emotional Overload Video Series