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No matter the size of the audience, I bring all of my heart, emotion, and truth to the stage. I offer in-person and virtual flexibility to help bring your event to life.

Vivian has an amazing ability to captivate an audience and keep everyone engaged when she is speaking. She very clearly puts her heart into her work and 100% committed with her storytelling.

—Ben Katz, The New Yorker Radio Hour Podcast

Keynote: Learning to Dream Through the Nightmare

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Is it a Hard Life or Can You See the Gifts? 

There are two ways I can look at my own life: I can either see it as a series of unfortunate events, or I can embrace that it has — and continues to be — full of rich experiences. Obviously, I have chosen the latter. 

Because of this life full of rich experiences, and my subsequent healing and understanding, I am able to help others get unstuck.

I work from the stage — virtual and in person — in the classroom, and one on one, sharing my stories and all the amazing lessons this life has brought me so far. 

Organizations and businesses hire me to help their employees, members, and audiences approach life from a new perspective, giving them action steps to pick themselves up and move on with day-to-day life after suffering major setbacks. 

I help audiences learn new ways of thinking and strategies for getting unstuck so they can thrive. 

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Let's Be Courageous Together

Every single day we have the choice to look at our lives with regret and sadness, or with an eye for the gifts we've been given in every single experience. From a childhood of pain all the way to a recent experience with Covid, it is always my goal to grow and thrive. 

With a heart for those who have been wounded by trauma, such as abuse or neglect, for those who feel hopeless, broken, and lost, I speak to bring peace, healing, and hope. I share openly with tangible action steps to help others learn to be courageous again, to be themselves again. 

Today is the Best Day to Start

Everything is perfect just as it is.

Take a deep breath. Today is the day you feel. Today is the day you thrive. Today is the day you give yourself permission to live wide open.

My experiences have given me the ability to take stock of what matters most, a new perspective on how to live through setbacks and extreme loss. Learning to Dream Through the Nightmare is for audiences who have experienced great loss, life changes, and the current world events.

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