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I left it all on the stage! | TEDx Manitou Springs 2021

Sep 27, 2021

The TEDx event this past Saturday was phenomenal in so many ways!

The official videos of my talk and all the other amazing talks will be out in a few weeks. I'll update when they are available! In the meantime, I'm just...breathing in the joy!

 Speaking my truth was the most amazing experience. And people were touched, receptive and moved. My heart is so full right now.

There was such camaraderie among the entire team of organizers, speakers, volunteers, and audience.  It was truly a community event!  I had the new experience of selling my coloring books and autographing them!  It was such a special day for everyone involved.  So honored to have been a part of this exceptional event. 


Congratulations TEDx Manitou Springs for pulling off a wonderful day for all!

Speakers and some of the TEDx Manitou Springs crew



Grateful for all the phone photos shared with me. Official professional photos are coming soon!

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